Thursday, August 7, 2014

August 7 Inspired Writing Reflection

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  1. A year ago I found a site that provides online teaching plan book and I messed around for a couple weeks but then lost interest and didn’t pursue as the school year got started. In August of this year when it came time to purchase the plan book from the good old teacher supply store I decided to return to the online version, planbookedu, and purchased access to the bigger better version allowing me to dive into the 21st century of teacher planning. When I started the first week of school I was doing the bare bones version but each week I tackle a new application and I’m now linking my Discovery Science lessons to my plans so I can access it all from one point. Next, I will work on embedding documents into the plans. I find it helpful that I can move at my own pace and not feel pressure to take it all in at one time.